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International Sea Freight

Release time:2019-09-24

Focus Global Logistics has established close strategic cooperative relations with about 30 large shipping companies, such as COSCO, OOCL, APL, ONE, WHL, CMA, HMM, TSL, KMTC, ESL, HPL etc.It has great advantages in route, freight rates and timeliness. and we have nearly two decades of expertise in handling Out of Gauge, Project cargo, Break bulk, RO-RO shipments. At the same time, we provides customers with transportation solutions based on Door to Door services at the origin and destination, aswell as warehouse value-added procession and other high-quality extensible services.

We are particularly strong on an extended reach in Belt and Road countries and areas. Our advantages lie in below trade lanes: Southeast Asia, Japan South Korea, The Middle East, Red Sea, Indian Sub-continent, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, etc.                                                                     


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